Are you passionate about sailing

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For the next instalment of our Brainiac Passions series, we sat down with visionary co-captain of the WeAreBrain shipElvire Jaspers, to learn a little more about her love for sailing. Sailing has been part of my life as I was growing up. My family spent every weekend on the water.

Are you passionate about sailing

I really liked it so I kept sailing and when I met Menno, my partner, he had been sailing all his life too. The balance required between physical, technical and mental skills is what really keeps me passionate about sailing. When I am on the water I get this true feeling of freedom and peace. Sailing has also given me the pleasure of travelling the world and meeting new people.

And sailors are good company! Then there are magical moments like when you are on delivery, sailing from the UK to Sardinia and the sun begins to go down. Those sunsets are indescribable. Oh yes, definitely! I have raced throughout my life, I have raced with dinghies small sailboats and I have taken part in regatta racing with big yachts. Both are very different and both are great. Sailing dinghies is great because the handling of the boat is very direct.

When I was younger I used to go out by myself over weekends or after school, training for races around the Netherlands. Big Boat regatta racing is of course very cool. It is like living in a magazine and in fact, you actually do! I feel very privileged to have been able to sail a lot of regattas on some of the greatest yachts in some of the nicest places in the world. Yes, and when Are you passionate about sailing met Menno I was able to take it up a notch. He took me regatta racing on bigger yachts and offshore. I really enjoyed it, we sailed a lot of regattas around the North Sea.

It is like playing chess with a really nice workout and fresh air. In we decided to quit our jobs and went off to sail regattas on yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and the US. We went where the yachts went, and where we were able to crew. This made the trip one big surprise. For example, we never expected to sail the Great Lakes in the US but were asked toand so we went.

Are you passionate about sailing

I remember the first regatta in the Caribbean when we started our sabbatical. It was the Heineken St Maarten Regatta. We were sitting on the dock watching all the yachts. We made a list of the most desirable yachts we wanted to race and then we went from the top-down, knocking on the hedge and asking for a ride.

The truth is, the most desirable yacht was Pyewacket, owned by Roy Disney.

Are you passionate about sailing

However, a few regattas later, I was actually asked to the crew of Pyewacket and raced Antigua Raceweek with them. That, I must say, was a huge thrill! Racing a foot custom yacht where the speed is already mind-blowing before even pushing the boat. The sabbatical brought a lot of first-times and memories for me. It was my first time racing such big yachts, first time sailing long distances offshore, first time sailing in the US and Caribbean, first time on a beautiful classic yacht, and to top it all off I was able to share all of this with Menno. We also made a lot of new friends who are still very close and very dear to our hearts.

All in all, regatta racing is special, but day-sailing and being out on the water is just as much fun. We were determined to finish first in our class so we really went for it. The tactics, tide, shallow waters and the weather made it a huge but fantastic challenge to sail there. One of my favourite memories was when a friend took us for a ride on a foot catamaran in the South of France.

Acceleration to the max! I just had a blast being at the helm, steering a boat like that. Being able to sail brought a special dimension to my life and I am very thankful for it. That sounds just incredible Elvire, what a plan to make! Thanks for sharing. .

Are you passionate about sailing

Q: When did you get started with your passion? Q: What is it about your passion that you like the most? Sailing into the night. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing with Pyewacket with Mr. Disney on the helm. Boat rally in Amsterdam. Author info. She is a digital nomad always on the go, inspiring us with her words from some of the world's most beautiful locations.

Are you passionate about sailing

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