Good looking and Bridgeport

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The passion I have for Bridgeport, Connecticut stems from the happiness I had as growing up here. I was born in Bridgeport and lived here until I was twelve when my mom moved so that we could be in a better place. As the adult, she was concerned about the many issues the city was then facing in the late 80s, asI only saw the happy things - I had many friends, I loved school, Christmases were fun, and overall things were great.

Now as an adult myself, I understand the concern my mom had for me growing up in Bridgeport.

Good looking and Bridgeport

I see the issues she saw then so long ago and that still face the city today. I have had the fortune to live in many other places since my childhood, New York, San Francisco, and London to name a few, but Bridgeport is my home and I am happy to be working to make my hometown better. I am especially happy to be working with youth so that their memories and experiences in the city are as happy as those that I remember.

With the academic experience I have gained from Princeton B. My goal is to be part of making Bridgeport a place that people love to be! As the Program Lead for Groundwork Bridgeport I get the opportunity to work with youth who are invested in changing the perception of the city. While earning my B. This is where I first started to fall for being outdoors, growing, and managing a place.

Good looking and Bridgeport

Despite offers to work as a residential landscape deer, I knew that I wanted to work in a setting where I felt that I could give back in a way that had more meaning to me. I thus apply what I learned in college to the work I do by using it to inspire the youth I get to teach here in Bridgeport. I model my approach after my parents who are both teachers.

Good looking and Bridgeport

When it is time to stop playing in the dirt however I can often be found at your nearest second hand shop looking for some piece of furniture to refinish and wood-burn. In my role with Groundwork Bridgeport I help manage external communications, writing blasts, newsletters, website and social media content, and print and digital marketing for all of our projects. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in English, I ed the Groundwork team as an AmeriCorps Service Member to help build its capacity during the height of the pandemic.

I fell in love with the mission, with the team, with the city, and I am excited to be back helping make Bridgeport more green, beautiful, and accessible for the whole community. I started off by attending the six week spring program and ever since then I realized how much helping my city really meant to me.

Good looking and Bridgeport

I am really passionate about my role here at Groundwork because I love to involve myself in an organization that makes a difference in my community by revitalizing the city and creating a connection with others. Anjali Chen is a Senior Consultant with Catalyst Collaboratives, LLC and the Perception Institutewhere she works with clients to help them develop and implement change strategies within their organizations.

She is excited to be able to continue to support the critical work of GWB —— as a board member, now! Jason A. As a writer, his latest script, a television pilot entitled, "Chasers" was a semifinalist at the Independent Television Festival and was a semifinalist for the Macro Lab Screenwriting contest sponsored by The Blacklist and Lena Waithe.

Good looking and Bridgeport

He's produced a handful of award winning short films that have premiered in over two dozen film festivals worldwide. Jason is excited to be a new board member for Groundwork. As a Bridgeport native, it has always been a priority for him to give back to the community that helped raise him!

Samantha Eliot is the Managing Director of a brand implementation firm in Stamford where she oversees operations and manages large scale branding projects for clients in a variety of sectors. Some her most purposeful projects have included strategic branding and de for non profits focused on youth-centered urban farming and childhood literacy.

She loves what she does and is looking forward to bringing her experience to Groundwork Bridgeport Groundwork CT. She lives in Westport with her husband and two children. Having grown up in the Greater Bridgeport area, Dave is excited to be a member of the Groundwork Bridgeport board and help contribute to the growth and Good looking and Bridgeport of the community. Uyen Huynh is a sustainability consultant with experience collaborating with NYC public schools, and residential and commercial clients towards achieving Zero Waste.

She holds an M. A in International Studies from Fairfield University. Uyen is humbled and grateful to be part of the GWB board in support of the next generation of environmental stewards and leaders in Bridgeport and Connecticut! Kayla recently completed two AmeriCorps service terms with The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, where she worked closely with Groundwork Bridgeport to implement the landscape de studio program and other projects. Inspired by fun-loving, civically engaged, and dedicated youth and staff at Groundwork Bridgeport, she decided to combine a life-long love for nature with a drive to address socioeconomic challenges facing communities in Bridgeport and beyond.

For the last 17 years, Gabriela Pavon has used her personal and career experiences to guide her students through their academic progress.

Good looking and Bridgeport

She understands how important it is to support and develop student leadership in matters related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice and she likes to work hard to ensure students have options that provide them with a strong sense of community and opportunities that propel them forward. Before teaching, Gabriela provided counsel and assistance to corporations on complex commercial real estate and land use matters. Gabriela is currently in Fairfield, Connecticut where she lives with her husband and two children.

She is an avid reader, hiker, and nature lover. The timing was great, I was at a point in my life where I started to question what route I wanted to take. Did I want to continue working for only personal gain and material things? Or did I want to use my time to help others as well as bettering our ecosystems throughout the city? After some thinking I choose to take a gap year after reading headline after headline, time after time about the environmental crisis we are facing and how little was being done.

I learned a lot from my professors and classmates; taking that knowledge and applying it today. It was a hard decision to make, but I learned that school will always have a place for Good looking and Bridgeport when the time is right. I believe volunteering at Groundwork Bridgeport will help fulfill those dreams. Cart 0. Interns, Service Members, and Volunteers. Board of Directors. Samantha Eliot - Chair.

Dave Holtz - Vice Chair. Christopher Rodriguez.

Good looking and Bridgeport

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