Great man looking for fwb ltr

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Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by JrzDefector. This may be part of your problem with dating overall, though. Why you think your partner has to impress them? It's not buying a new car. I'm not saying everybody's gotta be all lovey dovey with each other, but good people are gonna recognize good people.

If you don't want to "show her off" - as in, aren't proud of her, then it's a no-go. But as a criteria, it's kinda questionable. What if you DID have real relationship feelings toward this woman? But your inner circle isn't enamored - then is it the woman or the inner circle who needs re-evaluating?

Originally Posted by weezerfan Can't I say the same about you and your FWB? You both get along very well, as you say, but you have no interest in venturing down that path with him. That's just how I feel about her.

She's just not someone I would want to be in a relationship with. After having this conversation recently about how she felt about me makes it even more concrete. She's willing to change something about herself to appease me, when there's not even a relationship or future hanging over us. I wasn't expecting to get put on Great man looking for fwb ltr spot with all these feelings, when all along I never felt the same way she did. I've been on the other side of that coin as well, and believe me, she didn't want to talk about it either.

Just going in circles over something that was in the past. Originally Posted by Sweet Like Sugar. That's a good thing that she's willing to stop smoking. If this was a woman you viewed as relationship material telling you that she would stop smoking, you'd be happy about it. Last edited by JrzDefector; at PM. Just back off, OP, and let her have her space. I ask this question, because I have never understood how this works.

Great man looking for fwb ltr

I texted an old FWB this week to try and start back up our sexual friendship. Back to taking a break from dating and her and I always had fun in the bedroom. Well, I was met with a "dear diary" of how she felt about me and it wouldn't be wise for us to start that back up again. Her answers immediately caused me a low level of stress, because I just never saw this woman as relationship fixture in my life. Not that she isn't sweet and fun to be around, but those kind of feelings were never there.

Our friendship was so much fun to me, but it became torture for her about 4 months ago. She brought up a scenario where we spent a few hours talking and we didn't even have sex that night. I remember the night as being fun to just chit chat and catch up, but I just never felt the same "spark" that she did. I'm a very emotionally aggressive guy. If I don't like her like that, then I'm very laid back, which likely draws some of these women close to me. It causes me to live in my own vacuum, since I tend to like women who don't like me back as well. But seriously, how do people convert these things?

It's much like once I "friendzone" them there's very little that's going to change that.

Great man looking for fwb ltr

I have no experience with this, but I would think FWB deals occur because the benefit part works but there's some fundamental incompatibility otherwise, including something missing emotionally. So I can't imagine a "conversion" working unless the basis for that incompatibility genuinely changed. Not that one party got fed up with dating and felt like the other person was probably good enough, but that the incompatibility ceased to exist. I think sometimes people appear to evolve because the person actually was who they wanted, but the FWB was a safer way to go and they quit kidding themselves.

Great man looking for fwb ltr

I once had one of these situations, we never called each other friends with benefits though. She wound up getting too attached to me and started to really like me as more than just sex friends or a playmate. Which was fine, because I really liked her. She was almost everything I wanted in a girl up until that point. Amazingly beautiful tan skin, short, thin, double d's, bubble butt but in a good way, face was close enough to a She wound up getting really attached and it even got to a point where she was saying "can you imagine the beautiful baby we'd make?

The whole situation was complicated and I'd be here all day talking about how we even got together. But there was also another girl involved and I must have inhaled some toxic air because I considered the other girl over her. Then when I finally picked the Great man looking for fwb ltr with benefits, she told me she had went back to her ex and I had my chance and shouldn't have had to think about it.

Who knows what she would have done if I told her I wanted her 2 or 3 days earlier? Maybe she goes back to him anyway after a while. And then the other one was mad at me and I didn't have her either. Both were friends with benefits I guess. Although the other one wasn't really a FWB, we just never made our relationship official or put a title on it. And luckily she's an upgraded version of the friends with benefits that I described. Originally Posted by Frihed Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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Great man looking for fwb ltr

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Great man looking for fwb ltr

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