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If delivered For broadcast years If delivered by At Phase II, the royalties Music, Inc. Dated: April 14, Trends and determinants of cycling in the WashingtonDC region. This report analyzes cycling trends, policies, and commuting in the WashingtonDC area. The analysis is divided into two parts. Drilling history core hole DC -6 Hanford, Washington.

Fenix and Scisson, Inc. The surface elevation is approximately feet above sea level. The purpose of core hole DC -6 was to core drill vertically through the basalt and interbed units for stratigraphic depth determination and core collection and to provide a borehole for hydrologic testing. The total depth of core hole DC -6 was feet.

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

Core recovery Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943 Non-Residential Energy Code. This report presents the of an assessment of savings for the proposed Washington D. It includes annual and life cycle savings for site energy, source energy, energy cost, and carbon dioxide emissions that would result from adoption and enforcement of the proposed code for newly constructed buildings in Washington D. The project is a renovation and addition to a fifty-year-old educational facility transforming the building and the surrounding landscape into a green expression Register approves this incorporation by reference action under 1 CFR part 51, subject to the annual Subsequent to publication, it was Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Full Text Available Objective: Alcohol is more likely than any other drug to be involved in substance-related violence. A review of emergency department data revealed violence and clinically identified trauma-related injuries have the strongest correlation among alcohol-dependent injuries. At the environmental level there is a relationship between alcohol outlet density and violent crime.

A limited of studies have examined the relationship between alcohol outlet type and the components of violent crime. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the aggregate components of violent crime and alcohol outlet density by type of outlet.

Methods: For this study we used WashingtonD. Alcohol outlet, violent crime, and population-level data for WashingtonD. We developed an analytic database to examine the relationship between alcohol outlet category and four types of violent crime. After estimating spatial correlation and determining spatial dependence, we used a negative binomial regression analysis to assess the alcohol availability-violent crime association, while controlling for structural correlates of violence.

: Independent of alternative structural correlates of violent crime, including the prevalence of weapons and illicit drugs, community-level alcohol outlet density is ificantly associated with assaultive violence. Outlets were ificantly related to robbery, assault, and sexual offenses. In addition, the relationship among on-premise and off-premise outlets varied across violent crime. Conclusion: In WashingtonD. A green roof grant program for Washington DC.

This paper reviewed the history of the project, its goals and early findings. The main objective was to demonstrate the technical, policy and economic feasibility of installing green roofs on commercial buildings in Washington DC and to promote green roofs as a means to manage storm water and improve water quality through the reduction of excessive runoff.

The CBF has issued grants for the installation of 7 green roofs varying in size, de, location, and use. The projects included both new and existing structures deed to improve storm-water management in an urban area with ificant pollution stress on the adjacent rivers. This paper provided technical, cost, and performance evaluations of each roof. A public outreach segment provided information to decision-makers to encourage more widespread replication of green roof technology throughout the metropolitan area.

Much of the District of Columbia is served by a combined sewer system that becomes overloaded and discharges raw sewage into adjacent rivers during even moderately heavy rains. An average of 75 overflow events each year result in 1. The installation of green roofs on buildings in the combined sewer area would retain storm water during these heavy rains and reduce the amount of overflow discharges. Apartments, as well as commercial and government buildings with mostly flat roofs are the most likely candidates for green roofs. The demonstration roofs are intended to become models, which all building owners could use as a guide for future plans for construction or re-construction to expand green roof coverage in Washington DC.

It was emphasized that although such large-scale replication will take time and financial investments, it is achievable given enough political will and commercial awareness of. DC Rocks! The Washington DC area has interesting geology and a multitude of agencies that deal with the geosciences, yet K public school students in DCmost of whom are minorities, have limited exposure to the geosciences.

Geoscience agencies in the DC area have a unique opportunity to address this by Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943 the geosciences to local students who otherwise may not have such an opportunity, by highlighting the geology in the students' "backyard," and by leveraging partnerships among DC -based geoscience-related agencies. The USGS and George Mason University are developing a project called DC Rocks, which will give DC 's students an exciting introduction into the world of geoscience with place-based learning opportunities that will make geoscience relevant to their lives and their futures.

DC Rocks aims to give these students early exposure to the earth sciences, and encourage them to consider careers in the profession. DC Rocks will work with partner agencies to apply several methods that are recommended by researchers to increase the participation of minority students in the geosciences, including providing profoundly positive experiences that spark interest in the geosciences Levine et al. DC Rocks will apply these methods by coordinating local geoscientists and resources to provide real-world examples of the geosciences' impact on students' lives.

Through the DC Rocks website, educators will be able to request geoscience-related resources such as class presentations by. National Nuclear Waste Policy Act of The Richland hearing was held in recognition that Washington State will bear the major impact of the legislation. Witnesses at the WashingtonDC hearing included officials from states that are potential sites for radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities.

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

The hearing record includes the testimony of 16 witnesses in Richland and seven in WashingtonDCfollowed by a reprint of S. This report assesses the experiences of clients who had contact with or received drug abuse treatment from programs of the Addiction Services Agency in New York City and the Narcotics Treatment Administration in WashingtonD. To answer the questions of what happens to former clients once they leave drug treatment…. The hydrogeology of urbanization: The lost springs of WashingtonD.

Urbanization is a major process now shaping the environment. This field trip looks at the hydrogeology of the general WashingtonD. Until years ago, springs and shallow dug wells were the main source of drinking water for residents of WashingtonD. Celebrating the nation's bicentennial, Garnett P. Williams of the U. Geological Survey examined changes in water supply and water courses since He examined old newspaper files to determine the location of the city's springs. This field trip visits sites of some of these springs few of which are now flowingdiscusses the hydrologic impacts of urbanization and the general geological setting, and finishes with the Baltimore Long Term Ecological Research site at Dead Run and its findings.

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

The field trip visits some familiar locations in the WashingtonD. This report summarizes key findings and outcomes from the U. Drunk Driving. Surgeon General's Workshop.

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

Proceedings WashingtonD. This volume presents solutions, recommendations, and strategies in eleven interrelated areas considered at the Surgeon General's Workshop on Drunk Driving held in WashingtonD. Lists of the members of the Workshop Planning Committee and members of the federal advisory group on follow-up activities for the workshop are…. Can learning in informal settings mitigate disadvantage and promote urban sustainability? School gardens in WashingtonDC. This article explores how school gardens provide learning opportunities for school-aged children while concurrently helping cities achieve sustainability.

The authors analyse this process in WashingtonDCa particularly innovative metropolis in the United States. This national capital city boasts two of the most progressive examples of legislation aimed at improving environmental awareness and inciting citizens to engage in environmental stewardship, both of which focus on school-aged children: 1 the Healthy Schools Act of and 2 the Sustainable DC Act of Together these policies focus on bringing healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness, including meaningful outdoor learning experiences, to students and families in the District of Columbia.

This article is organised into three parts. The first part discusses how WashingtonDC became a sustainable learning city through the implementation of these specific policies. The next part presents the of a pilot study conducted in one kindergarten to Grade 5 K-5 elementary school located in Ward 8, the poorest part of the city. The authors' analysis considers the support and the obstacles teachers and principals in the District of Columbia DC are experiencing in their efforts to integrate school gardens into the curriculum and the culture of their schools.

Exploring the impacts of the school garden on the students, the local community, and the inter-generational relationships at and beyond schools, the authors aim to shed light on the benefits and the challenges. While WashingtonDC is fostering its hope that the benefits prevail as it provides a model for other cities to follow, the authors also candidly present the challenges of implementing these policies. In the final part, they discuss the implications of their findings for school gardens and sustainable Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943 cities more broadly.

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

They encourage further research to gain more insights into effective ways of promoting environmental. Effects of the sniper attacks on the homeless population in WashingtonDC. Despite the prevalence of homelessness, this population has rarely been included in disaster and terrorism planning.

To better understand the mental health needs of the homeless during a terrorist event and to highlight the need to address methodological limitations in research in this area, we examined responses to the October WashingtonDCsniper attacks.

We interviewed homeless individuals 1 year after the WashingtonDCsniper attacks. The majority More than half Females, nonwhites, and participants with less than a high school education experienced greater threat. Women, nonwhites, and younger homeless population may be difficult to reach or reluctant to comply with public health programs.

Addressing barriers to health care in vulnerable groups is critical to effective public health disaster response. However, this population has been understudied, especially as it relates to factors associated with HIV status. Methods: This cross-sectional study examined sociodemographic factors that were associated with having a negative or positive HIV status among a sample of African American women between the ages of 24 and 44 years. We assessed such factors as age, education, sexual orientation, household income, sources of income, of children, length of residency tenure in WashingtonDCand level of HIV-prevention knowledge.

Compared to their HIV-negative counterparts, women who reported being HIV-positive were less educated, had lower household income, and had longer residency tenure in WashingtonDC. This report presents the highlights of this meeting, including the opening showcase, several important LBCTs and some international t symposiums.

WashingtonDC. The National Mall Plan is a long-range management plan that focuses on the use and Spain, Project Executive. Before including your address, phonee-mail address, or other personal

Ladies seeking nsa Mc carley Mississippi 38943

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