Looking for an intermediate tennis player

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Racquet Sports Center aims to be the hub for all information about racquet sports. We provide unbiased reviews so that you can find the right equipment for you. With a lightweight frame, this racquet helps you develop fast swing speed and fine-tuned control. Want to know how to instantly improve?

Find the best tennis racquet that fits you. Here are my personal top choices for intermediate tennis racquets in The wrong choice will hinder your development causing you to lose more matches and hurt your form. The right choice will feel perfect in your hands. Upgrading your equipment to suit your skill level is vital because as you progress in Looking for an intermediate tennis player sport, what you need from a racquet changes.

As you progress, more and more of your power should come from your swing. That gives you much more control over where and how deep the ball goes. For intermediate players, you need to move away from big head size and short swing tennis racquets. Instead, look for more racquets with better control and touch. Look below for some of the characteristics needed at an intermediate tennis player level.

Any decent level opponent will immediately smash it back. However, as you get better, beginner tennis racquets limit you and can hurt your form! You see, once you master the basics, your swing will slowly start getting longer and more fluid. Your attention needs to shift to having more touch and feel in your game instead of just trying to get the ball over the net. You need to start hitting shots where you want and have the ability to put different spins on them. As a more advanced tennis player, you should be spending more time adding control to your game and you will absolutely need a racquet to help you do that.

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

Heavier Weight Compared to beginner tennis racquets, intermediate tennis racquets tend to be slightly heavier. A word of warning though — slightly heavier is the key! The last thing you want to do is switch from a 9. This is the quickest way to injure yourself. A slightly heavier racquet will give you better heft and feel for the tennis ball throughout the play, resulting in more explosive strokes and improved playability.

The best intermediate tennis racquets will also be more solid and consistent in terms of being able to receive and return powerful shots from your opponent. And, contrary to popular belief, heavier tennis racquets do not lead to tennis elbow!

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

In fact, heavier tennis racquets are sometimes better for tennis elbow. They actually absorb more vibrations and protect your elbow! They add spin. And, lots of it. Specific string patterns and improved frame de allow you to add tons of spin to your shots.

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

This is a very important technique as you progress in your game and your choice of racquet directly affects that. The difference in your strokes is what separates the amateurs from the better players and the choice of a racquet can drastically improve your game quickly.

Stable Grip A stiffer tennis racquet will feel more stable in your hand. This is especially important when playing a stronger opponent where you may need to counter the power of their shots in order to return them effectively. By doing this, it will ensure you to get a racquet that will help you improve your game while also enjoying it. Babolat Pure Aero One of the best intermediate racquets, the Babolat Pure Aero is built for tennis players who want to dominate from the baseline. If you remember nothing else from this pure aero racquet review, remember these 3 aspects: Superb Spin Immense Power Fast Swing Check Price Now The Pure Aero offers a great amount of speed and spin with superb stability.

The weight is On the court, the Pure Aero feels as light as air.

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

Babolat introduced a special Cortex system to dampen vibrations and prevent injury while hitting with the Pure Aero. The Pure Aero is perfect for aggressive players who want to start developing a longer, faster swing and use spin to dominate their matches. This racquet is also famously used by Rafael Nadal! See here for our full review of the Babolat Pure Aero racquet. Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet: The racquet that breaks away from the conventional and gives you the best of both worlds, we are talking about the Wilson Clash It is among the few racquets that have managed to combine the opposite qualities i.

Check Price Now With Clash you can take advantage of the vertical swings in the game. It bends in a particular way, that it creates a pocket around the ball and enhances the overall feel of the frame while providing impeccable stability at the same time. Here are the technologies that are incorporated in the Wilson Clash It enables the players to swing more confidently.

Stable Smart: A result of digital simulation, the technology provides advanced stability and power. These technologies make Clash one of the best racquets in the world of tennis. Clash comes with a inch head size and a solid ounce weight strung. Features: Perfect control of the ball Easy to swing Lightweight but still powerful For intermediate and advanced players 3.

Wilson has been focusing on making tennis racquets that provided amazing spin. However, Countervail particularly focuses on providing comfort. This technology also Looking for an intermediate tennis player the ability to dampen the speed of the ball so that you can take more controlled shots. It can be difficult at first to play with the racquet but as soon as you find the right size, you will notice massive improvements in the game.

The strength generated by the racquet can be a great help during the rallies. Once you get the timing right, you will be able to play any shot easily. The racquet adds great precision and spins to every shot while the extra weight at the head does an amazing job defending against heavy hitters. It also enables the players to redirect the pace with minimum fluttering. Wilson Blade 98 offers impeccable precision and maneuverability when hitting a volley during the game.

The racquet offers superior comfort and the strong frame ensures minimum vibrations to the hand. Moreover, the string bed has a uniform feel no matter the spot of the shot. This tennis racquet is perfect for all-court play and excels at blending each aspect spectacularly. Check Price Now The Wilson Ultra places so highly on this list because it offers something to every player.

It has the power to be good for baseliners but offers an extra feel for those who like to be at the net. This superb feel is great as it allows you the sensitivity and control to improve your Looking for an intermediate tennis player. At The head size is still big enough to offer a large sweet spot which will continue to help in connecting with the ball properly. A 16 X 20 string pattern and just the right amount of stiffness in the frame gives great response and spin to your shots.

It was created for hitting precision shots. The graphite frame is easier on the arm when compared to the iconic Pure Drive. Pure Strike is made with different racquet technologies such as: Woofer dynamic string system : This system keeps the string and frame intact and gives more freedom to the strings.

The free movement in a trampoline effect that generates amazing power and a high shock absorption rate. Hybrid frame : It is a combination of a square and an elliptical frame. The intelligently constructed frame helps the player with a balance of feel, precision, and responsiveness. FSI power construction: that has a low-density string bed that offers increased power, comfort, playability, and SPIN.

The racquet comes with a unique high quality strung with 16 gauge synthetic gut in different color options. However, it does not come with the ature Babolat Stencil logo on the strings. Features: Babolat Pure Strike is deed to land the first spin with speed. Broader sweet spot and more robust backbone for enhanced hitting experience. Powerful strokes and impressive precision 6. Check Price Now With a smaller head size of 98 inches, this racquet offers amazing control helping in placing your shots accurately or playing volleys, drop shots, etc. The beauty of the Head XT Radical is in the stiffness of the frame and the ability to deliver powerful shots with spin.

The frame of this tennis racquet will give you a feel for every shot you hit.

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

This is invaluable feedback as you continue developing into an advanced player. Coming in at The Head Graphene XT Radical also has an easily maneuverable frame that enables you to play shots to all areas of the court and add variety to your game.

The frame is 6 points Head Light which will enable you to easily flick the racquet and develop a fast swing speed — exactly what you need as an intermediate tennis player. Amplifeel allows the players to customize the handle grip, providing additional handle comfort, and maximizing the feel in each racquet and player segment. It has an amazing balance which gives you a great advantage at volleys.

The racquet is made with a combination of Graphite and braided Kevlar. This amalgam provides a pure, solid and consistent feel that the players have been looking for in tennis racquets for decades.

Looking for an intermediate tennis player

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Best Tennis Rackets For Intermediate Players