Married women Albany

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Under the law in effect until March 20, in New York State, married women did not have legal control over any money they earned working for themselves or others. All of it belonged to their husbands! The law governing the earnings of married women in New York State originated in English common law.

Married women Albany

However, the legislature refused to grant women control over their earnings. For the next twelve years, women lobbied the legislature to grant wives the right to their wages. During the summer and fall ofthey redoubled their efforts.

They organized petition drives in every county. Gage, Hannah Tracy Cutler, J. Colman and Susan B. Anthony, gave speeches throughout the state.

Married women Albany

All this hard work paid off during the session of the legislature. Andrew J. The bill proposed by Colvin was based on a similar measure that had been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature and had been given to Colvin by Susan B. The state senate adopted it on February 28, Governor Edwin D. Morgan promptly ed it into law.

Rose, Martha C. Wright and Susan B. Anthony, was not satisfied.

Married women Albany

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Married women Albany

Great article. When the English took NY from the Dutch in the s, English wills directed that all the property go to the eldest son under laws of progenitor. Unfortunately, it was the women that often came out the losers and impacted social discourse and gender relations for hundreds of years.

Glenn L. Glenn, I did not know that about the Dutch. It sure explains why Inez Milholland and Edna St. Vincent Millay married Eugen Boissevain, who came from a Dutch household with active suffragist sisters.

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Married women Albany Married women Albany

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